Proactive Prayer Points

For those pursuing a lifestyle of prayer, here are some suggestions:

  • Keep a prayer journal (see the Journal page for more hints)
  • Make a weekly prayer chart (see the Journal page for more details)
  • Tie your prayer in with daily reading of scripture– read a passage, and pray over it, asking God to reveal himself in a fresh way as you study his word and apply it throughout the day.
  • Pray a song, hymn, or psalm
  • Pray intentionally, specifically, and with as much detail as you can– not because God needs it– you do!  Are you asking for healing? For wisdom? For financial  help?  For forgiveness or the strength to forgive someone else? Who has asked for prayer, or for whom are you praying?  Who else is touched by this situation?  Sometimes, you are asked to pray, and you’re not given specifics.  But when you are, include the details– again, not because God doesn’t know all about it, but because it helps you keep your focus
  • Put your prayer life in balance!  There are four key elements in prayer
    • Praise– :Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name”–acknowledge God’s worth and character; worship him; remember his attributes and enter into his majesty!
    • Open up–“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” Psalm 51:10.  Openly confess and repent of sin that keeps you from a clear and full relationship with God.  Don’t cover it up, try to hide it, or hold on to it.  Seek and accept his forgiveness!  It’s not like he doesn’t know, but you’ll feel so much better to get the ugliness off your chest and restore your trust in him!
    • Unload”-1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”  Bring your petitions, your worries, your needs and requests for yourself and others, and lay them before the throne of grace.  Ask, seek, knock.  He’s a big God– and he wants to share these burdens with you!
    • Respond–Don’t have a one-way conversation with your maker.  Listen.  Be still and know that he is God.  Examine your heart, and commit to living in hope and faith.  Thank him for his forgiveness and loving kindness.  Then get up off your knees (or out of your chair, or down from your prayer perch!) refreshed, recharged, and ready for the next challenge!
    • POUR out your heart!  (BTW– there are other super prayers acronyms out there, and while the elements may have different names and may be in a different order, they are consistent in their essential nature.
  • Make prayer a priority, and a habit.  Make time and space for consistent daily prayer.  Practice praying instead of worrying.  Give yourself reminders– set an alarm on your phone or computer; put a prayer reminder list or journal where you will see it and use it–even in your bathroom or above the kitchen sink!  Stuck in traffic?  Say a prayer (keep your eyes open, but pray anyway)!  Waiting at the dentist office– don’t read a year-old People magazine.  Pray– be thankful you’re waiting for a check up and cleaning rather than surgery!
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