Pursuing a New Chapter

It has been several months since I’ve posted. Much of that time has been spent praying about a new direction for this site. I have written a lot about how, why, when, and even what we can pray. I’ve written prose and poetry, parables, and “probables”. But in writing, I was pouring myself into the process of writing, and not necessarily into the primary pursuit. Part of the pursuit of prayer is putting it into practice!
I want to try a new approach over the next few months– I won’t be publishing as often, but I will be taking a focused look at some of the “pray-ers” of the Bible–not just the prayers they prayed, but the context of their prayers. What can I learn by taking a closer look at these men and women– their circumstances, their approach to God, and their response to His answers (or seeming failure to answer).

Stay tuned as we take a closer look at Hannah in the coming weeks.

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