Spoiler Alert!

I love being “in the know”–being part of a great secret and knowing that I got the information first (or at least earlier than someone else).  But I don’t like spoilers– learning about things that I was hoping to discover for myself.  I don’t want to know the ending to that new novel from my favorite author until I read it.  I don’t want to know how the new blockbuster movie ends before I have had a chance to see it.  I don’t want to know that my favorite character in a TV show dies at the end of season three (Downton Abbey!) before watching it in all its tragic impact.

There are, however, some spoilers that should be shared, and God has given them to us in His word.

  • First and foremost– in the battle of good and evil– God Wins!  The victory has already been won, and the outcome is certain.
  • Second– Christ Messiah will return to earth.  He will come in triumph and glory.  While none of us know the hour or the day of that return, it will come quickly, like a flash.
  • Before Christ’s return, we will face chaos and trouble in this world.  That is also certain, though we have the power to face it and God has the power to turn it to good.
  • We will face death and the judgment of God–those who trust in Jesus Christ will still die; we will still be judged.  Only the blood of Christ, and our faith in his finished work will save us from the wrath our acts deserve.
  • Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of the Father (Phil. 2:10-11).

bow down

Knowing these “spoilers” doesn’t ruin our prayer life– instead, that knowledge gives us the power, the passion, and the promise to pray as if our lives depend on it!  Moreover, it should move us to pray and act on these truths in all our dealings with others.  Not to become arrogant about our knowledge, but to be compassionate and forgiving toward those who don’t have it or haven’t accepted it.


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